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Software Engineering

Amani Kilumanga

2 minutes read

Today marks the day that I pull the plug on the GCP instance that has been the host of this blog for about 3.5 years. The reason why is simple - GCP made changes in how billing of external IP addresses works, meaning I wouldn’t be able to uphold one of the core principles behind this website - that everything runs in a free tier.

Borderlands 2 SHiFT Keys

Amani Kilumanga

2 minutes read

The latest addition to is a view of currently active Borderlands 2 SHiFT keys. For those of you who have neither played a Borderlands game nor know what a SHiFT key is: basically, it’s a key (code) that you can use in a game to get a number of in-game (golden) keys, which in turn allow you to collect pretty good in-game items.



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